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Make your website accessible to EVERYONE. Brooks Jeffrey can help!

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) have established standards for website accessibility. These standards aim to improve the online experience for those with disabilities, ensuring everyone has equal access to information.

It is important for your website to address ADA accessibility standards.

When viewing your website, some users may employ assistive/adaptive technologies such as screen readers. Others may require alternative methods of navigation such as keyboard commands to explore the site.

Accessibility enhancements built into your website will help provide equal access to site content. Brooks Jeffrey will help ensure your website is equipped to handle these accessibility enhancements.

There are three major components to an accessible website:

  • Design must address accessibility best practices for color contrast, design elements, font size, etc.
  • Programming must be conducive to assistive technology and keyboard commands.
  • Content must be accessible with PDFs, images and documents properly described and converted to accessible formats. 

Website design, programming, and content all work together to ensure there are no barriers to prevent access to information.

Brooks Jeffrey’s new responsive website designs address WCAG, ADA Level A & AA accessibility standards.

Using multiple resources, we will scan your website design, programming, and content to ensure your site addresses current accessibility guidelines prior to site launch.

We offer helpful tips, resources, and CMS tools, plus options for ongoing accessibility scans, content management, and PDF/document conversion services to help ensure your site continues to address evolving WCAG, ADA Level A and AA accessibility guidelines after launch.

Have an existing website but, you’re not sure if it’s accessible?
Start with an Accessibility Scan.

Existing websites may be modified to address WCAG and ADA accessibility standards. Brooks Jeffrey can perform a scan of your current website to identify accessibility concerns with your site’s design, programming, and/or content. Following the scan, our certified team of accessibility professionals will provide recommendations based on your site’s features and functionality.

We can help make your website accessible. Call today for more information on Brooks Jeffrey’s Website Accessibility Services and to discuss a Website Accessibility Action Plan: 800.506.8064.

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