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Livingston County Sheriff's Office, Missouri

Livingston County Sheriffs Office website


Chillicothe, Missouri
(660) 646-0515


May 28, 2015

In January 2011 we obtained a Most Wanted Website through Brooks Jeffrey Marketing. Since that time we have had nothing but positive feedback from the public, other agencies, and even detainees and their families.

Now I am in the 4th term as a rural Missouri Sheriff and wanted to find even more ways to utilize the power of our website and the friends it has helped us make with social media. BJM offered us the Lost or Dangerous Animal Alert module which I quickly jumped on. Since that time we have made many more friends and developed relationships in our county and surrounding area with this feature.

Most recently we posted the Alert on a Lost Pet Monkey that was found within a few days. That pet owner reported to a deputy that had we not posted this he probably would not have ever seen his pet again.

As a brother sheriff, I urge every Sheriff to implement this feature. We are all looked at to be problem solvers, and in our area lost or stolen pets is not a huge problem, but one that we are happy to help reunite these extended family members. It also provides proof we too are human and have compassion for our citizens and their families.

Feel free to call me for more information on this feature.

Be safe,

Sheriff Steve Cox

Livingston County Sheriff's Office

"I wanted to tell you how happy I am with our website and Facebook interface.  We had 2 men escape from our jail on the night of July 4th.
I came into the office and pulled information and photos for a quick press release for the media, alert subscribers, and followers on Facebook and quickly shared the same. I was then on the street with the many other troopers, police, and deputy sheriffs in actively searching for these two men. Literally within minutes of sending this information out it was being shared all over the social media, text messages, email, and telephone calls. I am willing to bet a majority of the 8,500 people in Chillicothe knew what was up and we received numerous calls and tips on sightings and other information. Within about 3 hours we had one fugitive in custody due to these tips.
Everywhere we went people were commenting on our website and how impressed they were to get information and were happy to be involved!
I updated information to the media, alert subscribers, and Facebook with the latest information as it poured in and I spent most of the 5th in Linn County as their community was busy calling in tips to their law enforcement and even to our office. This evening we caught the second fugitive and for being a career criminal (over 25 felony convictions) he even commented on how it was like everyone but a few trusted friends were after him. The man said he had not eaten since he escaped, he was literally on the run, he was almost sick from dehydration, and if he had a phone he would have called and turned himself in as his few friends kept telling him everyone knows and to get away from them!
We have seen a huge number of people sign up for alerts and like us on Facebook. I am anxious to see the webstat numbers tomorrow for all of July 5th, as the first part of the tally for today was 2,631 viewers to our website; which is by far the largest in one day since we started.
Every Sheriff should have and use your service."
Thanks again,
Steve Cox
Livingston County, Missouri
P.S. "I am serious, this has been overwhelming in positive response, way more than I could have imagined."

"I really wish we had done this website several years ago.
You have a great tool that many other sheriffs should take advantage of."
Steve Cox, Sheriff
Livingston County, Missouri

"In less than 48 hours of posting a Most Wanted and Dangerous Fugitive to our website and forwarded to our Facebook page, we have had 10,004 views on our Facebook page alone.  The website views have also been amazing!  The media and citizens have reported appreciating the Special Alerts notification.

Dispatch and our office has received many calls about this guy and we are also getting information from agencies in other counties from them receiving tips from citizens.

One of our County Commissioners was flabbergasted on the volume of Internet traffic and views this has generated. 

Very impressive results for a small 3rd class county in Missouri.

Thank you again BJM for all the help and support you continue to provide my office after the sale.  There is no dollar amount that can be put on the value of your service and help to our community."

Be safe,

Steve Cox

On December 29 we added Melanie Ferris Bryant’s warrant and information to our MOST Wanted Fugitives Website and LCSO Facebook page as Livingston County had issued a felony warrant for alleged class C felony of Assault in 2nd Degree of Driving While Intoxicated offense resulting in injury. The warrant information had previously been given to Linn County Sheriff Tom Parks and they were unable to locate Ms. Bryant that date.

December 30 Ms. Bryant surrendered to our office on the Livingston County arrest warrant and posted the $15,000 bond. Ms. Bryant reported that when our office placed her information on our website and internet that her phone nearly “blew up” from the messages she received.

We are uncertain if Ms. Bryant appreciated this attention, but our website and our sharing public information resulted in the quick service of this warrant. In this case Ms. Bryant surrendered and had the instant ability to post bond and avoid incarceration.

We appreciate all the TIPS on this and/or other MOST Wanted postings. We also appreciate Ms. Bryant doing the right thing and surrendering herself.

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