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Developing and promoting a professional image is crucial to effectively building your brand. Your brand is comprised of multiple components, including:

  • Logo - visual representation of your business or product
  • Slogan/Positioning Statement – communicate the uniqueness of your product
    • memorable
    • include a key benefit
    • differentiate the brand
    • impart positive feelings about the brand
  • Colors - choose appropriate hues based on type of business, client demographics and target market
  • Icons/Symbols - represent your product, service or name

The goal is for people to immediately associate your brand with your organization. Brand awareness is achieved through consistent, continuous, creative promotion of your identity.

For greatest impact, use the same branding on your stationery, forms, business cards, printed materials, advertising, email signature, signage, uniforms, vehicles, website and social media. This helps build brand awareness with your target audience. As a full-service marketing and digital design firm, Brooks Jeffrey can help ensure the continuity of your brand to maximize effectiveness.

Experience the impact of a professional brand! Let our award-winning design team create a new identity brand for your organization. Contact us today to learn more at 800.506.8064.

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Branding Example - Poinsett County Sheriff

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